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Introduced into the first salon setting. Cellulite Solutions obtained both levels I and II in certification to include facial techniques and post liposuction protocols.


Personally selected by Tierry Phillipe, CEO of LPG, inventor of Endermologie to do the treatment on Denise Austin, former national spokesperson for LPG.

Introduced Microdermabrasion to the practice of receiving training and certification from the Medical Alliance Group.

Introduced the NeoStrata skincare line to complement Microdermabrasion.


The demand for Endermologie exploded and Cellulite Solutions purchased their second Endermologie machine.

Introduced Cosmécanique or Lift 6. The Jacquet method is simulated with this machine to tone skin, increase circulation, improve the overall appearance of the face.

Named an “expert account” by LPG manufacturer of Endermologie.


VelaSmooth, the latest medical breakthrough in cellulite treatment, was introduced to the practice two days after the FDA approval. Cellulite Solutions became the first salon in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. to offer this service. Cellulite Solutions received all training and certification from Syneron, the manufacturers of VelaSmooth.


Marie was asked to be a distributor of the “Well Box”, a home Endermologie machine for LPG. Cellulite Solutions not only distributes the equipment, they properly train the customer how to use the equipment and to care for the machine.


VelaShape, an improved version of VelaSmooth, was launched and the new technology not only smoothes but also contours the body in half the time as VelaSmooth.

Cellulite Solutions is the only practice in the area with this fabulous groundbreaking technology.

2008 to 2013

Marie continued her education by attending classes and webinars focusing on effective  FDA approved leading edge technologies.


Vela Shape lll emerged with the best technology in the battle of cellulite reduction, body contouring, and circumferential reduction.

Marie was asked by Syneron/Candela, manufacturers of VelaShape, to work for them by doing demos for prospective clients.

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