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Marie is great at what she does. She is very professional and great to talk with. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“I was skeptical and had no expectations that anything would make a difference — and then I met Marie. I saw an immediate difference with VelaShape treatments, and maintenance with Endermologie has kept up the results. I also had significant inch loss and dropped a full pants size. I could not ask for more!”

“Marie is so pleasant, with such a calm demeanor. My sessions are always a highlight of my week, a place to relax and be pampered.”

“Exercise and nutrition management are key components to overall health, and I follow a strict program. I still wished that I could be just a bit smoother, though, and Marie’s treatments have made all the difference. I have never looked better!”

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Quotation Marks

“The VelaShape treatments are really working for me and I could see a difference after two treatments. The combination of heat and suction feels great. ”

“I can feel the increase in circulation immediately. Plus, the treatment feels great.”

“For me the reduction in cellulite was an added bonus because I was getting the treatment for lymphatic drainage and I immediately felt better after the first treatment.”

“After the initial 15 treatments, it was hard to go to only once a month for maintenance. But, I really look forward to my monthly treatments and the maintenance really is needed.”

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Quotation Marks

“I love Endermologie! I did not tell anyone I was getting the treatment and after 8 or 9 treatments I had several people tell me my legs looked great.”

“After just a few treatments, I could see my skin tightening and the cellulite disappearing.  And the treatment feels like a great massage.”

“Wow, I wish I would have known about Endermologie sooner. I’ve exercised and dieted but just couldn’t get rid of the cellulite. These treatments really improved my cellulite and felt great at the same time.”

“Marie, I wanted to write to you a short note thanking you for the unbelievable results I have obtained from you Endermologie treatments.  After my first child at the age of 30, I started to notice cellulite appearing and spreading like wildfire.  It was mostly on the back of my legs and behind and could be seen without me clenching!

It didn’t make a difference what I did to work out, the cellulite remained. This was affecting my attitude and my feelings about my body.  I was thrilled to see there was a way to get rid of the cellulite other than liposuction or another invasive procedure."

Exercising already made me feel good, but without seeing the cellulite diminish I was very discouraged. After about 4 weeks of Endermologie treatments, I could see results.  Soon everyone around me notices and kept asking if I was losing weight.  The ultimate compliment was when my parents were visiting from Florida and my father said “Wow Amy you look great!  Are you losing weight?”

I will continue with my monthly maintenance and continue to recommend this to friends and family.”

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