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Hello and Welcome from Marie!

I am very excited about my new blog and have totally impressed my family by just saying I am an official blogger.

I am very proud to say I have been working in Northern Va since 1999. I opened Cellulite Solutions and haven’t stopped working since. Cellulite Solutions offers you treatments for cellulite, firming and shaping your body and your face and so much more.

Here’s a little about me.

· I was one of the first to introduce Endermologie to the area and obtained both levels I, II

. Certified in facial techniques and liposuction protocols.

· First to introduce the newest cellulite technology, VelaShape, into Northern Virginia,

· And I am constantly strive to not only create a customized body strategy for you, but also offer cutting edge new and SAFE beauty treatment services.

I love what I do and have seen wonderful results and because of that I want to share with you how to be a healthier, happier person and live an amazing life.

I am not just going to talk about cellulite and the treatments we offer, I will also post some articles about the latest health trends and beauty tips; everything you need to feel good inside and out.

And feeling that way is important to most of us, dare I say all of us!

I don’t have any magic formulas, but with healthy living and our effective body and face treatments, we can help you reach your goal of a healthy, beautiful you.

Firming, weight loss, getting your pre-mommy body back, diminishing cellulite… we are here to help.

And let’s not leave the men out, love handles, stomachs, etc, we have treatments for you too.

I am here to answer any and all questions from you. My goal is to help you wake up in the morning and feel good about yourself, everyday.

Feel free to contact me at Cellulite Solutions with any questions or if there is anything specific you want me to talk about.

Check out our Twitter: @CelluliteSolVA and Facebook/CelluliteSolutions and our website at

I look forward to getting to know you.


“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

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